Gatorade Watt Brothers Commercial

Professional football players and brothers J.J., Derek and T.J. Watt have a message for athletes about working out in the heat in a public service announcement from Gatorade.

After a colorful debate in a bathroom, which sees the three brothers trying to find an equivalent for the urine color (and list for the purpose dandelion, mustard, canary, butterscotch, egg yolk, pineapple, and sunflower), they decide to ask somebody “with some life experience” and thus go to dad. Using a “Urine Chart,” the latter says that “your urine color provides a good indicator of your hydration level.” Viewers are then informed that the lighter straw color indicates you are properly hydrated, that fluids help hydrate you and electrolytes help you retain that fluid, but Gatorade does both.

As the video ends, the dad reveals he made the urine chart himself and T.J. is surprised to learn that his brothers don’t make pee charts.

This public service announcement has been launched as part of the 14th annual Gatorade “Beat the Heat” program, which educates athletes across all sports about the importance of hydration during the hot summer months.