Gatorade Commercial - Basketball

Gatorade has released a new ad featuring a basketball team that uses some halftime motivation from a team captain to fuel a comeback they’ve worked all season for.

“Hey, listen up. We’re here because we deserve to be here. What’s inside us has made us relentless. Made us get back up again and again. Made us one of a kind. And made us go further than anyone thought.” – the team captain is heard saying in the “Earn Everything” 30-second spot to her girls, who are seen training and treating themselves with various Gatorade products, including Energy Chews with Fruit Punch flavor, Whey Protein Bars, and drinks like the Flow Smooth Thirst Quencher, Organic Sports Drink, and more. “So they will not out knock us, out will us or take what is ours. Because we are made for this.” – the team captain adds.

“Whatever you are made for, Gatorade is made to fuel.” – the voiceover says at the end of the spot.

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