Model in FirstBank Commercial

FirstBank highlights that “Saving is in Style” in its latest commercial, starring fashion models that share their tips for saving money.

The 30-second spot features several fashion models during photo shoots making statements that would definitely take many by surprise. A gorgeous blonde model in the backstage of a fashion show says she makes her coffee at home, a male model floating in a pool while donning a black tie event outfit reveals he cuts his own hair, a pair of African-American twins posing in golden sink dresses reveal they buy in bulk, a foreign female model shooting in the middle of nature says she sneaks candy into the movie theaters and a male model whose face is painted in gold so that it would look like a statue reveals he still uses his parents’ TV login.

First Bank state that they offer the tools to help you navigate your financial world with confidence. The bank encourages you to get eSave Checking and Savings accounts, a FirstBank Visa Debit card and Free Online Banking with eStatements and then watch money automatically transfer to your savings each time you use your Visa Debit Card or make Bill Pay or ACH payments. Moreover, a limited time offer enables you to get a $25 bonus after you save $500 in your first 12 months. Among the savings accounts available at First Bank are Regular Savings, a personal savings account with a competitive interest rate and a low minimum balance, Time Savings, a multi-deposit Timed Savings Account with a variable interest rate, Time Deposit, a single-deposit savings account with a fixed rate for the term of the account, Premier Time Deposit, a single-deposit savings account that has a higher interest rate and requires a higher minimum balance, and others.

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