Experian Commercial - Terry

Experian continues its “Identity Protection Has a New Identity” ad campaign with a new spot, promoting the Experian Family Plan.

The 30-second ad, titled “Terry” and aimed at highlighting that identity thieves will steal any identity-even your children’s, features a man about whom the voiceover says he got a new car, took a vacation to Paris, and bought an incredibly expensive piece of modern art.

“The only problem is… this is Terry.”, the voiceover adds, while on screen a young girl doing her homework in her room is seen.

The ad goes on with the mention that millions of children’s identities have already been compromised and that with Experian new Family Plan you can see if your family’s information is on the dark web. Viewers are invited to start free for 30 days at Experian’s website.

At Experian website, you can compare Identity Theft Protection plans and pricing and choose the one that best fits your personal or family needs, with a 30-day trial or annual subscription with 3 free months. The trial membership can be cancelled at any time within 30 days without charge. For those who decide not to cancel, their membership will continue and they will be billed $9.99 each month for Experian IdentityWorks Plus or $19.99 each month for Experian IdentityWorks Premium.

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