Esurance RepairView CommercialEsurance has released a hilarious new commercial, promoting its online repair monitoring feature, RepairView, available for consumers using the Esurance Mobile app.

The ad, titled “You’re in control”, features a woman who’s sticking her nose into the work of a garage mechanic almost literally. She’s seen getting under her car, touching and polishing things, giving unwanted and unheard instructions, and doing a mess all around her with a high pressure hose in her attempt to spray the car with paint herself. Eventually, the woman ends up on a side, informed by the mechanic that she can use Esurance RepairView to keep an eye on repairs while her car is in the shop.

“You like to be in control. Especially when it comes to important stuff. Like say… your car. Well, good news! The Esurance app lets you keep an eye on your repairs when your car is in the shop. It’s kind of like being there… without being there, which is probably better for everyone,” the voiceover says on the 30-second spot, adding the tagline “That’s insurance for the modern world”.

Esurance’s car repair monitoring service, which can be easily accessed from any computer or smartphone, allows users to monitor the entire car repair process if they have their car repaired at one of the 1,000+ Esurance-approved E-star repair facilities. Through RepairView, it is possible to receive daily photos of the car’s repairs in progress, get more information about the 10-step repair process, see the latest projected pick-up date, email the repair shop or call them directly with the touch of a button.

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