Estée Lauder Commercial Girl

Estée Lauder has partnered with Google Home to promote its phone line that offers personalized expert advice on skincare, nutrition & nightime needs.

The beauty brand has released a series of ads showcasing how easy it is reach Liv at Estée Lauder and have an one-on-one conversation to get customized nightly skincare routine, as well as information on a diet that’s good for your skin. One of them features a young woman in the comfort of her home asking Google “Hey, Google, can I talk to Liv at Estée Lauder? What foods are good for my skin?” Learning that a diet with greens is recommended for a healthy skin, she makes a phone call to have her pizza “upgraded” with some spinach and, in addition, to have it extra large.

The campaign, which also includes other two spots featuring young women who decide to talk to Liv at Estée Lauder after trying various skincare treatments, is aimed at promoting the brand’s Advanced Night Repair. A deluxe sample of this cream is given to women who ask Liv from Estée Lauder for advice. Alternatively, they can get a free Power Nap Facial. All they have to do is ask Google to recommend a store nearby to go get one of the two items.

According to Estée Lauder, the Advanced Night Repair “helps skin maximize its nightly recovery for a radiant, rested look”, “instantly hydrates for a healthy, rested radiance” and “smooths, repairs and renews”.

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