Guy in Duracell Commercial

Duracell has released a hilarious new ad to highlight the importance of its batteries.

“Do you need the most trusted battery in your Smart Lock? Maybe not,” the voiceover says at the beginning of the 30-second spot, which features a young man returning home and stopping in the hallway to come up with a solution since its Smart Lock doesn’t work anymore and he must open the door quickly and find his dog, who’s barking and damaging things around the apartment. “Maybe you could trust no one’s waiting for you inside, maybe you could trust you won’t have to actually talk to your neighbor, maybe you could trust that lady in a robe isn’t home, maybe you could trust the super has a spare key, or… you could just trust Duracell.” the voiceover says, while a neighbor who doesn’t respect the man’s personal space, a lady in a robe who’s making advances at him, and the supervisor hitting his door with an ax are seen.

This is not the first ad created in this style. Other similar spots imagined a 10-hour flight without noise-cancelling headphones, a mother’s Halloween without batteries for his son’s cat piano, a father’s day without batteries for his son’s robot, a guy’s night in a camping ground without batteries in his flashlight, and even Christmas without batteries, illustrating how “Christmas is Chaos” without the trusted power of Duracell batteries.

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