Dr Pepper Cherry Commercial - Horse with Chariot

The newest Dr Pepper Cherry ad features a horse that, after delivering a Dr Pepper Cherry at a party with a “cherriot”, starts eating carrots.

The spot opens with a young couple at a potluck asking themselves if the party can get better. It soon turns out it can. After the horse’s arrival, the two guests have a sip of the cherry treat and conclude that the party did get better. Surprised eating carrots from a plate, the horse asks the duo “What? I’m a horse, I like carrots!”.

Dr Pepper Cherry is the newest, smoothest addition to the Dr Pepper family, which also includes Diet Dr Pepper Cherry, Dr Pepper Cherry Vanilla, Dr Pepper Caffeine Free, and others.

Dr Pepper Cherry was also promoted by Fergie in a 2011 commercial by Deutsch LA. Diet Dr Pepper is promoted by Lil’ Sweet, a character played by American Idol alum Justin Guarini.

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