Zach King in Dockers Commercial

Dockers invites you to take a walk through the streets of L.A. together with the filmmaker and digital magician Zach King, in its latest commercial promoting the Smart 360 Flex collection.

The YouTube personality says: “We live in amazing times, don’t you think? Where anything you can imagine, can become true. Curious times indeed. Times in which there simply are no limits, only the ones you set. Look at this phone.. More technology than the first aerospace rocket. It may seem like everything’s already been invented, yet there’s still so much to invent. Don’t you like to think that every day is going to be better than the last one? And believe me, to change the world you don’t need a suit. To change the world.. open your mind, feel confortable and be Always On!”.

“Are you ready for these amazing times we live in?” – is the question that concludes the spot.

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