Diesel Gift a Thought Commercial - Man in Cast

Diesel gives people the chance to literally gift a thought to their dear ones this holiday season. The brand’s latest marketing campaign, consisting of a series of short films that mock awkward gifting situations, aims to illustrate that, with any piece bought from the current Diesel collection leading up to the holiday season, the purchaser will also receive a thought bubble to include with the gift.

One of the ads shows a man in a wheelchair, fully covered in cast, who receives a bike as a Christmas present. “It’s the thought that counts,” the recipient presumably says, which leads to an onscreen line reading “If it’s the thought that counts, gift a thought”.

Finally, different youngsters are seen handing a thought to someone they care about.

Other ads feature a boy handing his girlfriend a pasta portrait, a grandmother carefully unwrapping a bong, and more.

As part of the campaign, the brand will offer to buyers of any item from the men’s, women’s and kids wear collections a glass bubble container featuring the “A Thought” lettering.