Cricket Wireless Sheamus Commercial

Cricket Wireless’ yellow mascot Dusty teamed up with WWE superstar Sheamus to give people a reason to smile.

The 30-second ad the two co-star in features them on set, trying to film a commercial, but with no success. Asked by the director to go find their chemistry, Dusty and Sheamus encourage each other, saying they can do this, and set out to do things the other does in order to better understand each other. Dusty does, for instance, rope workout exercises, whilst Sheamus is reading a book titled “Being Dusty” by Dusty. Finally, Dusty shows up rocking a haircut and beard similar to Sheamus’, with his fur painted in brown, and Sheamus wearing fluffy yellow shorts and socks and they try again to say their lines for the ad: “Get 4 lines of unlimited data for 100 bucks a month.” This time, the director is really satisfied with the outcome since he’s applauding standing up.

Sheamus asks if those are his trunks and Dusty, confirming, tells him to keep them. The voiceover adds the company’s tagline, “Smile – You’re on Cricket”.


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