Cricket Wireless Commercial Director

Cricket Wireless has released a new commercial, informing that you can get a year of unlimited data for $40/month plus a free LG Fortune, when you switch.

The 15-second spot, titled “Director” and available both in English and Spanish, features a director on set giving instructions to the actor after a take. “I want you to go really deep this time. Be strong! Be tender! Amaze me!”, he tells Cricket, the fluffy yellow mascot who, trying to follow these instructions, starts saying his line really fast: “Switch to Cricket and get a year of unlimited data for $40/month plus a free LG Fortune”.

This time, the director seems to be satisfied with the outcome as he shouts “Brilliant!” at the end of the take.
Onscreen lines inform, at the end of the spot, that the price for this plan, called “Cricket Unlimited 2”, is $55/month w/$10 bill credit and $5/month Auto Pay credit. Customers are also informed that, after 226GB/line/month, they may experience slower speeds than other Cricket customers during network congestion.

The offer, valid until April 12, 2018, requires porting number from eligible carrier (excluding AT&T) and new svc. line activity (in store up to $25/line). The price to pay is $55/month until credit starts within 30 days. It is also specified that other fees, charges and restrictions apply, and viewers are advised to see stores for details.

Announced in September 2017, Cricket Unlimited 2 plan is an expansion of a plan that was previously only available for those with 2 lines and features unlimited talk, text and data (with data speeds limited to 3 Mbps).


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