Cricket Wireless Commercial - Fluffly Yellow Mascot

Cricket Wireless has released a hilarious new ad to highlight that you can get 4 lines of unlimited data for $100/month plus 4 free smartphones when you switch.

The 30-second spot, titled “Preparations,” features Cricket, the fluffy yellow mascot, singing in the shower about the company’s offer. “Get four lines of unlimited data for a hundred bucks a month, plus four free smartphones when you switch,” Cricket sings in and out of the shower, while blowdrying his hair. When a crew member opens the door to tell him something, finds an unexpected view: Cricket singing and the towel falling on the floor.

The ad specifies that the price of $100/month is valid after $30 credit on 2nd line & $45 credit each on 3rd & 4th lines. It is also informed that first month service charge and applicable sales tax are due at sale. After 22GB/line/month, Cricket may slow data speeds when network is congested. The $55/month Unlimited Plan is required on 4 lines. Free smartphones applies to moto e3, Cruise and Alcatel VERSO.

The company’s cute mascots, also including Miles, the green triangle, have been the protagonists of other recent spots that urged viewers to switch and get a year of unlimited data for $40/month plus a FREE LG Fortune or get 4 lines of unlimited data for $100/month plus up to 4 FREE LG Fortunes when they switch.

Announced in September 2017, Cricket Unlimited 2 plan is an expansion of a plan that was previously only available for those with 2 lines and features unlimited talk, text and data (with data speeds limited to 3 Mbps).


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