Credit Karma Couple in the Rain Commercial

Credit Karma highlights, in a series of hilarious new ads, that Credit Karma is “bad for drama, good for credit”.

One of the spots, titled “The Life You Deserve”, features a man in the rain, at night, calling out his girlfriend, Molly, to let her know it’s all over for them. When she opens the door, he explains he can’t give her the life she deserves because he can’t buy her a house or other things and turns around to leave. Molly shouts his name and asks him to wait, willing to know if this is about his credit. Now they are both standing in the rain and she, without expecting a confirmation from Jeremy, tells him that “Credit Karma has free tips on how you can improve it.” “Was this necessary?” she then asks, referring to the drama scene he had created and adding “We just met on Thursday.” “Yeah, but last Thursday!” Jeremy replies.

The commercial ends with the voiceover saying the tagline “Credit Karma – Bad for drama, good for credit”.

Credit Karma has opted thus for a different approach, highlighting also the other services it provides, besides the credit score (offered through its free online credit report and credit monitoring service since 2007). The multinational personal finance company also provides recommendations for credit card and a variety of loans, and free federal and state income tax preparation, a recent feature introduced for the Tax Year 2016 filing period in 2017.

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