Girl in Cotton Commercial

“Dating can feel uncomfortable. Your clothes shouldn’t.” this is the idea behind the latest Cotton commercial, promoting the Cotton Dating Collection.

The 15-second spot, titled “Disaster Date”, features a young couple in a restaurant, with the guy showing his date the many tattoos covering his body. While he explains what represents each of them, telling, for instance, “that’s my ex-girlfriend, that’s my ex-ex-girlfriend” and so on, the woman, who’s wearing a white cotton T-shirt and the Rebecca Taylor Sleeveless Cotton Midi Dress from the Dating collection, looks at him as if she doesn’t know what excuse to invent to leave as soon as possible, especially when he says he still got some space for “that special someone”, referring to her.

The commercial ends with the voiceover saying “Dating can feel uncomfortable. Your clothes shouldn’t” and urging viewers to shop the Dating collection.

The Cotton Midi Dress shown in the ad, finished with flirty cutouts and a sweet, retro style, and available in Cerise, is priced at $450.

The Cotton Dating Collection also includes the Leah Navy Button Off The Shoulder Dress ($125), Self Portrait Burgundy Dungarees ($475), the Petersyn Joplin Top ($290), the Veronica Beard Beard Isabel Top ($325), the Sea Edie Top ($335), the Apiece Apart Merida Pants ($295), the Charming Cotton Skirt with Pockets in Gingham ($65), and more.

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