Costa Coffee White Hot Chocolate TV Advert

Costa Coffee has launched a new advert, stating that it “is the most impotrant video you will watch today” and also informing that they’re bringing back the White Hot Chocolate.

The voiceover says: “We live in a world that is more connected than ever. A global village where we can share what we love with one another and be there for each other like never before. Now this connection is giving people the power to break down barriers and shine a light on the issues that matter most. So we want to say thank you to those who stand up and make their voices heard. You join forces, tweet, comment and petition and we hear you. We hear you, @juliafudyma, and you @holeswalker. We even hear you @_jurassicpork. So this one’s for all those brave internet soldiers who never give up hope! We’re bringing back the White Hot Chocolate”.

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