Colgate Mina Guli Commercial

Colgate has released a new ad, starring water activist and ultra-runner Mina Guli, whose #RunningDry journey is sponsored by the leading global consumer products company.

Guli, who will attempt to run 100 marathons in 100 days in order to raise awareness and inspire action around the global water crisis, highlights that “the planet is running out of usable water” and that “we can’t afford to wait until tomorrow to solve this crisis”. She also clarifies that she wants to “make sure that none of us end up like Cape Town” (one of the biggest cities on the planet, which is about to run out of water). “Through this campaign, through the running that I’m doing we will understand that our planet is running dry. We don’t realize how much water goes into everything we use, buy and consume every day. It is in the plastic bags, it is in the clothing, it is in our food,” Guli adds, mentioning that just what she’s wearing the day she filmed the video is more water than all the water she has drunk in her entire lifetime. She also says that running 100 marathons in 100 days is her way of showing all of us “what it means to be a 100% committed to something”and that what drives her is her desire to change the world.

At the end of the 60-second spot, which celebrates Colgate’s status of proud partner of #RunningDry, Mina Guli highlights that “Every one of us can make a difference. Every drop counts”.