Little Girl in Citi Commercial

Citi promotes the Citi Trusted Identity, a feature available for Citigold and Citi Priority customers, which enables them to log in to their account in the Citi Mobile App for iPhone with their face, voice or touch, in a new commercial.

Titled “Baby”, the 15-second spot features a toddler sitting on the floor, with her mom’s iPhone in her hands, while her parents are getting ready to head out. They are discussing about the time she should be picked up at school when the little girl, who’s seeing a “Validation Failed” message on the screen, after a failed Face Authentication in the Citi App, asks what happened. At this point, the woman, realizing her phone is missing, asks her husband if he’s seen it. Noticing that the kid has it, she gets panicked for a moment, but she soon calms down as she acknowledges that she has the Citi Trusted Identity, which guarantees that no one can log in to her account, since only her face, voice or touch can do that.

Citi also highlights, in other spots recently released, that, as a Citi customer, you can easily access cash with “the largest number of fee-free ATMs offered by any major bank”, and that you can use the ATM locator on the Citi Mobile App to find the closest one near you, including ATMs at CVS Pharmacy, Costco, Target and most Walgreens, and that, with the Citi Quick Lock feature (also available on the Citi Mobile App), you can lock and unlock your debit card with just a few taps.

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