Churchill Dog Advert

London-based insurance company Churchill promotes, in a new advert, its Write Off Replacement Cover, highlighting that, if your car is written off, Churchill got you covered by enabling you to choose between a replacement, paying for an upgrade, or the money.

The 20-second spot opens with an ice scraper placed in a cardboard box, alongside other items, telling Churchill the Dog about the write off. “Churchie, the write off was pretty scary. I mean I wasn’t there, but Dave was and look at him.”, the ice scraper says, asking then “this new car, it will put a smile back on Dave’s face, right?”. Churchie doesn’t get to give a clear answer, though, his reply being an “Errr….”.

The ad informs that if your car is written off, you can choose between a replacement, paying for an upgrade or the money. Small onscreen lines also specify that this offer is subject to availability and specific terms and conditions. For instance, it excludes theft claims, the minimum car value must be £3.500, and that exact match may not be available. New replacement car is ensured if your vehicle is under 12 months old and if you’re the first owner and registered keeper.

Churchill also provides home insurance, travel insurance, pet insurance, life insurance, van insurance, breakdown cover, and others.

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