Celtic FC Christmas Advert

Celtic FC has launched its Christmas advert, highlighting that “It’s Christmas.. the Celtic Way!”.

The holiday film tells the story of the Quinn Family as they face off against one another in their annual Christmas games night.

Hoping that this year won’t be the games night loser, Paddy Quinn embarks – quite confident – on a quest to “make history”. “Let the games begin,” he tells his wife, who asks him if he’s feeling lucky. The spot shows how Celtic stars are on hand to help him in his quest and how the family deal with a neighbor that calls the police, complaining about the noise they’re making.

“Giving you that Celtic sparkle everyday,” onscreen lines read at the end of the advert, which also directs viewers to the store section on the club’s website.

Manager Brendan Rodgers, Kieran Tierney, appears as “A Tiny Tim” and a whole host of current first-team and women’s team stars are joined by the legendary ‘”All Star”, Jim Craig, to shine on screen. Throughout the film various items, available for purchase in the football club’s Christmas store, are featured, including Celtic Reindeer Hooped Sleeve Christmas Jumper, a Celtic Clover Stripe Polo, Celtic Adult Hooped Crest Onesie, a Celtic Flake Patch Beanie, the Celtic Guess Who Game, Celtic Top Trumps Cards, the Celtic 2019 Player Calendar, the You’ll Never Walk Alone Dog Hoodie and the matching dog collar, and more. Fans can also purchase Celtic FC Toblerone, Celtic Dad Mug, Celtic Supporters Tin, Celtic Santa Hat, Celtic Christmas Pattern Mug, and more.

The Glasgow-based professional football club offers free UK standard delivery on orders over £70 and the possibility to collect from its stores the purchased items. It also advises potential customers to order by 19th December for UK delivery in time for Christmas.

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