Cadbury Secret Santa TV Advert

Cadbury wants to give everyone the chance to be a Secret Santa this Christmas and secretly send Cadbury chocolate to their loved ones. For this, it invites you to join the biggest Secret Santa ever, which can be easily done by finding a Cadbury Secret Santa Postal Service and become a Secret Santa online.

To promote the initiative, the brand has released a new ad, featuring a kid who leaves a box of Cadbury chocolates in his father’s garage. Wearing a Santa mask so that he wouldn’t expose himself, the kid sneaks in while his dad is paying attention to something else and puts on a table the purple box of sweet treats.

The advert, scored by Mathilda Homer’s “Do You Want to Know A Secret,” ends with the tagline “There’s a glass & a half in everyone”.

The Cadbury Christmas range includes Cadbury Dairy Milk Classic Collection, Cadbury Freddo Plush Toy, Cadbury Dairy Milk Hollow Santa, Cadbury Heroes Tin, and Cadbury Snowbites.

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