Bush's Beans Talking Dog Commercial

Bush’s Beans highlights how easy is to prepare its canned beans in a new commercial. Titled “Heat & Eat”, the 15-second spot features Jay Bush talking to his dog, Duke, about the Savory Beans.

“Beans in sauce,” Duke says, asking is those are Bush’s Baked Beans. “Nope, Bush’s Savory Beans,” Jay Bush answers, which makes Duke exclaim “Ohh, sweet!” “No, not sweet, savory.” specifies the man, while on screen various dishes including Bush’s Savory Beans are seen. “Ah, savory… They’re Savory Beans!” Duke adds, proving he finally got it.
The spot ends with the tagline “Heat. Eat. Dinner is Complete”.

This is not the first time Jay Bush and his furry friend co-star in a commercial for Bush’s Beans. In an older spot, they show people the secret kitchen where the brand’s variety of canned baked beans are made.

Besides Savory Beans, customers have many other types of beans to choose from: Mixed Chili Beans, Kidney Beans in a Spicy Chili Sauce, Organic Black Beans, Baked Beans, Grillin’ Beans – are only some of them, which are “joined” by COCINA LATINA Beans, inspired by regional recipes, available in a variety of flavors, like Frijoles Cubanos, Frijoles A La Mexicana, Pintos A La Diabla, and more.

According to the brans, these beans are “naturally gluten-free and cholesterol-free” and “are picked at the peak of perfection”.

Bush’s Beans range of products also includes Hummus Made Easy, Variety Beans, Latin-Inspired Flavors, Chili Beands & Starters, Grillin’ Beans, Reduced Sodium Beans, Organic Beans, and Limited Edition flavors, like Sriracha, which are “mouthwatering pinto beans slow-cooked in a spicy yet tangy and garlicky Sriracha sauce”.

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