Burger King Commercial - National Hamburger Day

With only a few days left until the National Hamburger Day (Monday, May 28), Burger King has released a new ad, which urges people to take the poll in its Instagram Story and help decide which is America’s Favorite Whopper. One thing is sure: The Angry Whopper is among the most popular and loved whoppers.

For the occasion, Burger King offers its customers the chance to enjoy the King’s Meal Deal, which includes two sandwiches from a select menu plus small fries and a small fountain drink, for 3.79. Restaurants across the country are also offering up freebies and deals. Those who live in Los Angeles, can cash in on free Fatburger delivery via Postmates from May 22 through May 28, Arizona locations of Habit Burger Grill will be giving away a free Charburger with cheese to customers on May 24 between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m., those who order a Huey burger on May 28 and find a special gold pick in it (given at random by the restaurant) will get their meal for free. Jack in the Box gives people the chance to save $1 off the ultimate cheeseburger through June 3, participating locations of Wayback Burgers will offer the Classic Burger for $5.28, Wendy’s offers $4 meal deals and 50-cent Frosty, Sonic sells the Carhop Classic (which gets you a a quarter-pound double cheeseburger and medium tots or classic signature slinger and medium tots) for $2.99.

Americans are big consumers of burgers, eating on average three hamburgers a week, according to PBS, which also highlighted that beef has many hidden costs that make a huge impact on our health and environment.

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