Bell Canada Wi-Fi Commercial

Bell, Canada’s largest communications company, providing advanced broadband wireless, TV, Internet and business communication services, has released a new commercial to promote its Whole Home Wi-Fi, which is Canada’s first Wi-Fi service that brings smart and fast Wi-Fi to every room in the home while adapting to changing user requirements.

“Here’s to the rooms that Wi-Fi forgot. The ones left in the dust. Ignored. Out of reach of the router. Don’t worry. Smart and fast Wi-Fi has arrived,” the voiceover says on the 30-second spot, which features dusted rooms, where no one stays. The voiceover is then introducing the Whole Home Wi-Fi, mentioning that you can cover every room with Smart Whole Home Wi-Fi.

The tagline “Wi-Fi coverage just got better” flashes across the screen at the end of the commercial.

According to Bell, Whole Home Wi-Fi learns how households use the Internet and continually optimizes the home network to ensure all devices receive the strongest signal and the fastest speed available throughout the home. The Bell Wi-Fi mobile app, available for Android and iOS , allows customers to manage their entire home network remotely, including quick and easy pod and device setup, view the location of each pod and all connected devices in real-time, share network access with guests, parental control over every Wi-Fi connected device.

Initially available to qualifying customers in Ontario and Qu├ębec, and soon in Atlantic Canada and Manitoba, Whole Home Wi-Fi pods are available for $5 per month for a 4-pack and $2 per month for added singles.