Double Amputee Brian Reynolds - Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Bank of America presents Brian Reynolds in a new spot titled “26.2 for Crushing Limits” and his dream to become the first double amputee to run a sub 3-hour marathon at Chicago..

The marathon runner says: “Every morning I get up at about 4 am. My wife goes to work at 5.45, so I have to be back for the kids and I like to get at least an hour of training in before she goes to work. This is probably my most peaceful time of the day. My time just for me. When I was 4 I contracted meningococcemia. It’s a rare form of meningits. My parents had to make the decision to amputate my legs. Some people look at my life, look at my legs, and think that it must be the most difficult thing ever. But I’ve never thought of it as something that should stop me. (..) Everybody has an excuse of some sort. I don’t let being an amputee be my excuse”.

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