AT&T Good News Commercial

AT&T continues its “More For Your Thing” campaign with a hilarious new spot, promoting the DIRECTV NOW servive and the “Live a Little” package, which allows new subscribers to get DIRECTV NOW for $10 per month for three months.

The 30-second ad, titled “Good New,” features a young couple receiving good news from the voiceover, who informs them they can get “all the good stuff about TV without the bad stuff.” Having gotten their attention, the voiceover keeps telling them about the deal, which enables them to still stream their favorite shows with “no annual contract”, mentioning that “it’s live TV with no satellites” and “no bulky hardware”. While for the couple this is great news, this doesn’t apply to television contract lawyers, to astronauts working in space to check the satellites and to bulky hardware, who are all screaming “No” in response to the question “Isn’t that great news?”.

The commercial ends with the voiceover urging viewers to try DIRECTV NOW for $10 a month for three months and adding the brand’s tagline, “More For Your Thing. That’s Our Thing”.

The ad also informs that this limited-time offer is valid only for new subscribers that get the “Live a Little” package. It is also specified that the package renews monthly at full price (min. $35/month) after the three trial months, unless they cancel. In order to redeem discount, the code YESNOW3 must be used at DIRECTV NOW website.