AT&T Commercial Couple

AT&T continues its “More for Your Thing” ad campaign with a new spot, promoting the “Buy One iPhone 8, Get One iPhone 8 On Us” offer.

Titled “Getting Serious”, the 30-second commercial features a young couple looking for a new house and moving together to start a family. “AT&T gives you more for your thing. You’re getting serious thing. That moving out of the friend zone, moving in together and getting two of everything thing,” the voiceover says, mentioning also the “preparing for the real baby thing” while on screen two husky puppies are seen rushing into the living room. “That one for me, one for you”, the voiceover adds as the couple are seen using their iPhone 8 to capture those special moments of their life together and share them on Instagram.

The “Buy One iPhone 8, Get One iPhone 8 On Us” limited-time offer is available when you buy both on AT&T Next with eligible wireless service. Small onscreen lines inform that each requires minimum $699.99 on installment agreement, one new line, well-qualified credit and eligible wireless service on both devices, which must be on the same account. It is also specified that the free iPhone 8 64GB is given after $700 in credits over 30 months and that credit starts within 3 bills.