Girl in Asda TV Advert

Asda promotes, in its latest advert, its limited-time deal on Salmon fillet, now available for £3.40.

The 30-second spot, titled “It starts with A… Salmon fillet”, features a young man impressing his date with tacos made with salmon fillet, avocado and mango. He becomes the king of romance, a charming knight, Romeo in blue jeans, and she says those three little words. “And you wonder how on Earth did this happen? It starts with Asda and juicy salmon fillets, now just £3.40,” the voiceover says, adding the supermarket chain’s tagline, “Save money, live better”.

The offer is valid from 5th April to 27th June 2018 in selected stores. Asda states that their salmon “comes from the fast flowing, deep tidal waters around Norway and is all farmed to the highest welfare and environmental standards,” and also offers, on its website, the recipe for the Salmon Tacos shown in the ad, listing all the ingredients and relevant nutritional information, the steps to be followed, as well as the wines they go great with.

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