Applebee's Commercial 2 for $20

Applebee’s promotes its famous 2 for $20 deal in a new ad, informing that this deal now includes steak and everyone is looking for a date. “Who will you share yours with?” is the question raised by the restaurant chain.

The spot features one woman and two men as they introduce themselves and invite someone to join them for a meal at Applebee’s. “Hi, my name is Edward. People like to describe me as sensitive, beautiful, juicy, straight,” one of the guys says. The other one, Craig, presents himself and cuts to the point: “I’m looking for someone to share an Applebee’s 2 for $20 with.” he reveals, adding “Seriously now, ladies!”.

Steak returns to Applebee’s 2 for $20 Menu, which includes two full-sized entrées and one one full-sized appetizer, for a limited time only. The restaurant announced that, as of May 29, customers will have the option to choose a six-ounce piece of flame-grilled USDA Select Top Sirloin steak as their main course. The two classic sides will include, from the looks of the photo announcing the new menu item, green beans and mashed potatoes.

According to a press release, the restaurant chain gives its customers the chance to “win the ultimate 2 for $20 date night experience at Applebee’s”. Participants at the contest must share a photo or video of an “epic 2 for $20 proposal” on Twitter with the #2for20Contest hashtag between June 4 and June 10.

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