iPad + Apple Pencil Commercial

Apple showcases, in its latest commercial, the new 9.7-inch iPad, now with support for Apple Pencil, highlighting that “The perfect computer for learning looks nothing like a computer”.

Titled “Homework”, the spot features a group of classmates working together on a project about gravity and using the new iPad to capture the experiments they’re doing with all kind of objects, from an egg, to a big watermelon, a mattress, water balloons, and more, and to perform a variety of other tasks.

Serving as the “soundtrack” is a poem by Jack Prelutsky called “Homework! Oh, Homework!”, which is as follows:

Homework! Oh, Homework!
I hate you! You stink!
I wish I could wash you away in the sink
if only a hippo
would smash you to bits
Homework! Oh, homework!
You’re giving me fits.

I’d rather take baths
with a man-eating shark
or wrestle a lion
alone in the dark
eat spinach and liver
pet ten porcupines
than tackle the homework
my teacher assigns.

Homework! Oh, homework!
you’re last on my list
I simple can’t see
why you even exist
if you just disappeared
it would tickle me pink
Homework! Oh, homework!
I hate you! You stink!

The spot, directed by Mark Molloy and starring Bob Clendenin as the teacher, ends with the kids coming in front of the class to present their homework, which they obviously did’t forget at home.

The new 9.7-inch iPad, launched on March 27 and described as being “engineering for performance”, features an A10 Fusion chip, 64-bit architecture, four-core design, and over 3.3 billion transistors, which makes it “incredibly fast”, allowing thus users to edit a 4K video, play graphics-intensive games, or experience the latest augmented reality apps with no problem. With enough power to use multiple apps all at once, this iPad enables users to do several things at the same time, including working on a PowerPoint presentation, doing research on the web, and making a FaceTime call. According to Apple, “every aspect of iPad – from the display to the processing power to the cameras to the motion sensors – is designed to make AR apps more magical than ever before,” highlighting that, with iPad and AR (Augmented Reality), “the possibilities are endless”.

Built-in front and back cameras are designed to do more than “gorgeous photos and cinematic videos”, allowing you to scan documents, make FaceTime calls, or even create a floor plan using augmented reality.

As for the Apple Pencil, the company guarantees that you will be able to write notes, paint a watercolor or sing a lease “with pixel-perfect precision and responsiveness.” More information about the new iPad and its price, which is starting at $329 or $299 for students and teachers, are available at Apple’s website.


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