American Express Commercial - Woman Buying Guitar

American Express encourages you to take the benefits of Card membership wherever you go with the all-new American Express App, in a new spot.

The spot features a mother who, after seeing her daughter developing a passion for guitar, decides to buy her one. She goes to a guitar shop, where she pays with her American Express card, managing thus to get a significant reward. Coming back home with the unexpected gift, the woman is welcomed by the kid with a large smile on her face and open arms, eager to start playing too.

“Create an opportunity to create a lifetime of memories. Discover a great offer and get that great offer. Shop for that perfect gift and know you can save for that perfect gift. Keep track of your spend and stay on top of your payments, and use those rewards on your next rewarding moment,” the voiceover says on the 30-second spot, urging then viewers to take the benefits of card membership wherever they go with the all-new American Express App.

The American Express App, available for download on iPhone and Android, also enables users to easily track recent charges and payments with a timeline of their activity. Card Members can also filter to see charges and subtotals for each Additional Card on their account. The app also allows users to find savings at places they shop, dine, travel, and more, and add offers to their Card in just a few taps, turn on purchase alerts and receive notifications when their card is charged, as well as when suspicious activity is detected on their account, get quick access to billing statements and make a payment virtually anywhere, anytime, and use Membership Rewards points for eligible charges.

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