Allstate Renters Insurance Commercial

Allstate advertises its Renters Insurance in a new funny ad, which highlights that “Your stuff can’t protect itself, but you can”.

The 20-second animated spot opens with a guitar and a laptop looking through the window and screaming simultaneously noticing a burglar near their house. When the laptop announces the presence of the “burglarizer”, the guitar asks in despair “What are we going to do?” A camera shows up and tells them the house they’re living in is a safe place, mentioning that “the door is locked and everything’s fine”. However, soon after she ends her sentence, the window gets smashed and the laptop gets stolen, which leaves its roommates speechless.

The commercial ends with the tagline “Your stuff can’t protect itself, but you can.” flashing across the screen while the respective objects are hanging out together.

An Allstate Renters Policy will help keep you covered in case of fire damage, water damage and theft. Whether you lose your stuff after accidentally starting a fire in the kitchen, have a leaky roof, a burst pipe, an overflowing sink, or a burglar breaks in and steals your TV or your laptop gets stolen while you’re in a coffee shop, it’s all covered by renters insurance.The insurance company informs/reminds you that, when your personal items get damaged or stolen, it’s on you to replace them unless you’ve got renters insurance.

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