Allstate Insurance Commercial - Dennis Haysbert

Actor Dennis Haysbert stars in a new commercial for Allstate, highlighting that the insurance company is adapting to changes by implementing new technologies that allow its customers to get claims paid sooner.

“A once-in-five-hundred year storm should happen every five hundreds years, right? Fact is, there have been twenty six in the last decade. Allstate is adapting. With drones to assess home damage sooner. And if a flying object damages your car, you can snap a photo and get your claim processed in hours, not days. Plus, Allstate can pay your claim in minutes,” Haysbert says while sitting in an armchair on a field and a storm is about to begin. As he mentions the ways Allstate has adapted, the clouds vanish and a rainbow appears behind him. “Now that you know the truth… are you in Good Hands?” Haysbert asks at the end of the spot.

Haysbert, who became an Allstate spokesperson in 2003, has also appeared in other spots for the insurance company earlier this year, presenting the innovative tool Drivewise, available within the Allstate mobile app, which is designed to help users drive safely and earn rewards for their safe driving, and the Allstate agents, who know what their clients need.

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