Aldi Advert - Kevin the Carrot and Rhubarb Stiltskin

Aldi UK continues its holiday campaign with a new spot, that advertises the chain’s range of best value fruit and

The 20-second ad shows that Rhubarb-Stiltskin’s amazing magical power is nothing compared to Aldi’s amazing power to provide the best value fruit and veg around, Aldi’s Christmas super 6 in store now. “Once a rhubarb spun straw into gold. To Kevin the Carrot that trick was so old for he could turn coppers and other loose change into fresh fruit and veg in the super six range,” the voiceover says, while on screen Kevin is seen turning pennies into Brussel Sprouts (which cost 19p/500g), white potatoes (which cost 28p/2.5kg), carrots (which cost 19p/1kg), parsnips (which cost 19p/500g), red/white cabbage (which cost 28p each), swede (which costs 28p each).

The spot ends with Kevin and his family in the living room, reading a fairytale, and with the onscreen line “Have a fairytale Christmas”.

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