Aldi Dog Advert

Aldi runs in a hilarious new advert in the UK, highlighting that Aldi’s household cleaning products are great for covering smells and cleaning mucky paws and sticky fingers.

The 20-second spot, promoting Room Spray, features a couple on a coach, with their dog between them and several household products, including room spray, placed on a table, in front of them, in two different categories, one representing Aldi’s brands and the other various brands at Asda. “We like these, particularly the air freshener,” the woman says referring to the brands available at Asda for £3.35. “And we like these, don’t we, Jim?” she adds, referring to exclusive brands at Aldi, priced at £1.85, asking then a confirmation from her husband and mentioning in particularly the air freshner, which she uses to make a bad smell disappear. “It wasn’t me,” the man says, blaming George, the dog. “Actually it was me,” admits his wife.

The ad, which highlights that you could save over 40% on the same type of products, also informs that Asda may sell “own brand” products at different prices and that the prices shown were checked on Asda’s website on 10/04/2018.

Aldi has been using this approach in its advertising campaign to promote also other products including wine and more.

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