Aldi Father's Day Advert

With only a few days left until Father’s Day, retailers advertise their deals for the occasion, in an attempt to get consumers spend more.

Aldi runs a new ad in the UK, showcasing its special food range and inviting viewers to make their old man “feel truly special this Father’s Day with a feast fit for a king”.

The 30-second spot highlights that an 8oz 30 Day Aged Aberdeen Angus Rump Steak is £3.29, a 75cl bottle of Toro Loco Organic Red Wine is £4.99, a 450g Lemon Tart is £2.29, and 220g pack of Blue Stilton is £1.49. These are prices you don’t find every day and Father’s Day is not every day, the voiceover says, encouraging people to make this day amazing before adding the supermarket chain’s tagline, “Everyday Amazing”.

In a previous spot, also promoting limited-time deals for Father’s Day, Aldi showcased a £39.99 Vintage Suitcase Turntable and a series of other items available online in store.

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