Aldi TV Advert - Two Women in Elevator

Aldi UK highlights, in a new advert, that they have a huge range of gorgeus groceries, wine and fresh flowers for an amazing Easter meal.

The 30-second spot, dubbed “Lift Envy”, features two women in an elevator saying hi to each other and starting a small talk about Easter. “All ready for Easter?”, asks one of them a little bit shy. “I just ordered my lamb.” the other answers with an air of importance, adding “100% British, obviously, Red Tractor assured. And fresh. Though I don’t mind paying a little bit more.” At this point, the first woman asks her if she didn’t think of getting the meat from Aldi, which makes the other ask surprised “Aldi?”.

“Some people are still amazed by what you can find in Aldi. For others, well, it’s every day.” the voiceover says and the ad goes on with the first woman telling her colleague that at Aldi they’ve got a great range of wines and flowers, too. “It’s amazing!” she also adds, making the other smirk. To show her “appreciation” for the tip, the latter presses all the buttons of the elevator on her way out, says “Happy Easter!” and gets out in a hurry.

Aldi’s Easter range includes, besides Easter food and Easter wine, a series of Easter specialbuys. Every Sunday and Thursday, customers can find exclusive offers on homewares, electricals, DIY, clothing and much more. Products for babies and toddlers, pets, toys, plants & flowers are also available as specialbuys. Moreover, the British supermarket chain also provides ideas for family fun, perfect picks for flower gifting and refreshing ideas for recipes the whole family will love.

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