Air Wick Commercial - Very Important Principal

Air Wick Australia advertises its V.I.Poo Pre-Poop Spray in a new commercial, featuring a V.I.P. – aka a Very Important Principal.

The 15-second spot features the lady introducing herself as a Very Important Principal and revealing that, when she needs to “expel nasty, misbehaving odors,” she uses V.I.Poo. “Unlike most aerosols, that only mask odors, I spray V.I.Poo and trap nasty smells in the bulb”.

At the end of the commercial, onscreen lines present the product, which is available in the toilet care aisle in stores, as “The Pre-Poop Spray for Very Important Poopers”.

V.I.P. pre-splash spray forms a special layer that traps nasty smells and releases a variety of fresh scents. The brand’s range includes Fresh Model, Lemon Idol, Fruity Pin-Up, Rosy Starlet, and Lavender Superstar. Users should spray to the water surface in the toilet bowl before using the toilet so that the product’s unique formula creates a layer that traps nasty smells and releases a fresh fragrance thanks to the essential oils included.

One 1.85oz pack of V.I.Poo Pre-Poop Spray costs $5.97 at the brand’s website, with the possibility to save 10% when you grab a bundle. The brand offers free shipping on all orders above $15.

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