Absolut employees get totally nude in the vodka brand’s newest ad campaign, called “The Vodka With Nothing To Hide”, as a humorous attempt to prove how transparent the production process is.

Developed by BBH London, the campaign includes several spots shot at the company’s factory in Sweden and directed by Sam Hibbard, highlighting the “one source” philosophy of the company. The employees show you the special yeast used for making vodka, talk about the pure water used from the wells in Ahus community, where they know each farmer by name, about the wheat used, which comes from approximately 338 farms around Ahus, Sweden, and highlight that even the bottles are made in their community, with over 40% of recycled, clear glass.

In the spot tackling the water origins, dubbed “Sweden is Famous for its Water”, Gunnar, a man who talks in all the spots, standing naked in a fishing boat says to the camera, holding a glass of water: “As you know, Sweden is famous for water and we only use the purest Ahus water from our wells, which are more than 140 metres deep.”. At this point, the fisher apparently catches a fish and the guy loses balance and almost falls. “Oh! Flap! I cannot swim!”, he says quite scared, making the fisherman laugh.

According to The Drinks Business, an Absolut Vodka spokesperson said “In an age where brand transparency is rare, Absolut felt it was important to put everything on display and show viewers exactly what modern vodka crafting looks like”.

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