AAMI Income Protection Commercial

AAMI promotes its Income Protection insurance policy in a new commercial, highlighting that it will cover up to 75% of your monthly income up to $10,000 a month when you can’t go to work.

Titled “Back to Work”, the 30-second spot features a hairdresser with a cast on his right arm trying to cut a woman’s hair, a fitness instructor who’s cheering her class from a wheelchair, and a man wearing a neck brace holding a sort of training on Sales but without being able to articulate words properly and being thus not understood. “Could you workd if you were… sick or injured?” an onscreen line reads before another line informs that the AAMI Income Protection covers up to 75% of your monthly income up to $10,000 a month.

Income Protection insurance, designed to help you “keep your life on track if you are unable to work due to sickness, injury or redundancy”, provides you with a monthly benefit into your bank account or credit card to help cover rent or mortgage payments, bills and credit card repayments, childcare and school fees or even basics like food, clothing or petrol. Adding optional redundancy cover could help extend your AAMI cover by having a benefit that pays out 75% of your income up to $4,000/month for up to three months while you are out of work due to involuntary unemployment.

In order to get this type of cover, all you need to do is apply online and answer a few simple questions about your health and lifestyle. Claiming is, according to the company, “quick and simple,” being enough to call 13 22 44 and talk to a dedicated claims manager, who will oversee your claim from the moment you call AAMI through to when they pay out your claim.

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