Zappos Llama Commercial

The online shoe and clothing shop promotes its “drama free” customer service 24/7 in a new commercial.

The Zappos makes getting help at any time, easy. So, you can save the drama!” – the voiceover says in the 15-second, featuring a man ordering a pair of sports shoes on Zappos and being informed over the phone by a Zappos customer service representative that his order will be soon delivered. At this point, the man’s teenage Llama shows up in the living room. “Curfew was two hours ago” – the man tells the llama, who turns its head to avoid looking into his eyes. “Michael, look at me when I’m talking to you.” – the man says, but Michael turns his back on him.

The spot ends with the voiceover saying “Drama free customer service 24/7.”.

Zappos offers a wide variety of shoes and clothing items from popular brands like Converse, Toms, Nike, Vionic, Under Armour, Sam Edelman, Merrell, Prana, Brooks, Keen, New Balance, and others.