Yoplait Commercial - Just Yogurt

Yoplait’s newest ad campaign, “Mom On”, created in collaboration with creative agency 72andSunny, includes a series of spots aimed to encourage moms to ignore those who disagree with them because “you’ve got this mom thing covered the best way… your way”.

One of the ads, titled “Oh Hush, It’s Just Yogurt”, features a mom sitting on her couch, in the living room, while her two kids can be seen behind her, going to the fridge. “My neighbor says that I shouldn’t let my kids raid the fridge whenever they want. I’m dancing with the devil, she says. Give them a taste of freedom at this age, soon they’re running wild, doing whatever they want, whenever they want, and then… BOOM…I’m a grandma. Please, Sharon, it’s just yogurt!” – says the woman.

The spot, showcasing the brand’s Original Strawberry yogurt, ends with the kids digging their spoons in the yogurt and with the tagline “Do what tastes right”.