WWF TV Advert

WWF UK has launched a new advert, highlighting that “it is our time to give back”, “to enrich and protect” our treasured planet, which is our home.

“Our home, our treasured planet. Our oceans, the core of our existence. Our forests, the very air that we breath. As our planet bows to the height of humanity, we must act now. It is our time to give back. Our turn to enrich and protect. To embrace a new era. With clearer understanding. With open eyes and selfless hearts.

Let us unite, so that future generations may continue be inspired by our Earth’s extraordinary wonders.” – the voiceover says in the 90-second spot written by Heather Speake and directed Anthony Dickenson, which features amazing landscapes from around the world, wild animals, and WWF members on various missions.

The original music composition & sound have been done by Will Cohen and Joe Wilkinson at String and Tins.

The advert ends with the voiceover stating that “Our planet is vital.” and “Your action essential.” and urging viewers to join WWF. “We can’t do this alone.” – he adds eventually, while on screen the Earth is shown.