Windex Commercial - Dad And His Girl

The brand of glass and hard-surface cleaner Windex has released a commercial that pulls at the viewers’ heartstrings, conveying the message that “What’s between us, connects us”.

The ad, created like a 3-minute short film titled “The Story of Lucy”, is a coming-of-age story that focuses on the strong bond between Lucy and her family, especially her dad, who is the captain of a ship and keeps in touch with her via radio. Lucy is shown from the moment she’s brought to life until the moment she gives life, becoming a mother at her turn. Important family moments, such as her first bath at home, her first steps, her pre-teen and teenage years, her graduation, her moving away from home, her marriage and, eventually, her becoming a mother, are illustrated and, in almost in every shot, a glass surface is shown, from mirrors, rear view window, windows, car windows, a magnifying glass, a telescope, to the hospital window that separates Lucy, her husband and their newborn baby from her parents.

The song used in the “Beautiful Thing” by 13-year-old Grace VanderWaal from her 2016 “Perfectly Imperfect” EP.