West Virginia University Commercial

West Virginia University has launched a new commercial, starring a recent graduate student, Emily Calandrelli, who is Emmy-nominated host and Field correspondent for Bill Nye Saves the World.

The 30-second spot, titled “Curiosity”, aims to highlight that, at WVU, the driving force is curiosity. “Asking why and why not – is what inspires us to challenge the impossible every day. It motivates us to pursue world-changing ideas, discoveries and innovations. It pushes us to aim for victory, no matter how tough the road gets. And it unites us as we fearlessly seek success together, as Mountaineers.” – this is the message conveyed by the West Virginia University, which features a young girl crafting, together with some peers, a sort of rocket and launch it into the sky.

“For me, it all started with a question. (Why? – a kid’s voice is heard) It drove me to look deeper, try harder, Think bigger. No way? Yes way. I took that question to a place where the possibilities are endless. It all started with a little question. A little “Why?” and a little “Why not?”. – Emily Calandrelli says, showing a large smile at the end of the spot.

Emily Calandrelli, BS BS ’10, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, who also graduated from MIT, hosts the TV show “Xploration Outer Space” airing on Fox on Saturday morning, designed to open kids’ eyes to space discovery and encourage science-based education among children and young adults.