Wendy's Commercial - Hot Man in the Pool

Wendy’s showcases, in its latest ad, the new Strawberry Mango Chicken Salad, highlighting that Wendy’s has “the perfect salads for an imperfect world”.

“In a perfect world, you’d have all the time and money to enjoy a perfect salad. But Wendy’s knows you don’t live in a perfect world. Which is why each and every one of our salads are fast, convenient, and made fresh daily. With fresh-cut strawberries, freshly grilled chicken and sometimes they even go with that.” – says the voiceover in the 30-second spot, referring to a hot man sitting on a buoy in a pool, holding a plate with pieces of mangoes on it and saying “Mangoes – juicy”. The voiceover continues by saying that “while we can’t give you a perfect world, we can give you a perfect strawberry mango salad”, while on screen the man from the pool is shown serving a
woman at a desk with a Wendy’s Strawberry Mango Salad.

Wendy’s Strawberry Mango Chicken, that costs $6.59 and is available through Labor Day, includes, besides hand-chopped lettuce, sweet & juicy diced mango, strawberries and warm grilled chicken breast, also crumbly feta cheese and honey citrus vinaigrette dressing.