Wendy's Owl Commercial

Wendy’s Owl Commercial

Wendy’s continues it “Real Impossibilities” ad campaign, promoting its 4 for $4 deal, with a new spot, highlighting that the Double Stack is still an option, alongside the Crispy Chicken BLT and the Junior Bacon Cheeseburger.

“Wendy’s Double Stack is still an option in the 4 for $4. With a quarter pound of fresh beef, that’s a deal so good it should not exist. Like how owls shouldn’t be able to turn their heads all the way around.”, says the voiceover in 15-second ad.

“Whooo…wouldn’t like that deal?”, asks a owl turning its head.

“The Double Stack in the 4 for $4. A deal so great it’s impossibly good. But not for long.” – concludes the voiceover, while on screen the fresh beef Double Stack cheeseburger is shown.

The fast-food restaurant chain highlights that its 4 for $4 comes with a 4-piece nuggets, small fries, small drink and your choice of three great sandwiches, including the Double Stack with a quarter pound of fresh, never frozen beef.