Wells Fargo Commercial - Bicyclist

The banking and financial services company Wells Fargo promotes the customers’ possibility to get cash with just their phone using the Wells Fargo Card-Free ATMs in a series of new ads.

One of the 30-second spots features a bicyclist entering a Wells Fargo branch and saying to an employee that he doesn’t have his debit card and that he needs some cash, mentioning that some kids are having a bake sale for their soccer team. “Can I give you my mother’s maiden name or my first concert or…?” – asks the man, quite desperate to get some money. The employee, calm and in control, informs him that now he can just use his phone, explaining that he must open the Wells Fargo mobile app and request a one-time access code. “That’s way better!” – replies the man, who gets in no time an access code that enables him to withdraw money from the ATM.

The spot ends with the customer, happy that he has cash to buy sweets, thanking the bank officer and mentioning, on his way out that “they (the kids) have snickerdoodles”. The employee whispers that she loves snickerdoodles.