Woman in WeatherTech Commercial

WeatherTech highlights, in a new commercial, that a WeatherTech gift card is the best gift at the office holiday party and invites you to order your WeatherTech gift card today.

The 30-second spot begins with a manager at the company’s office holiday party who seems to count the minutes until he can go home. When one of his employees shows up wishing him Happy Holidays and handing him over a WeatherTech gift card, his mood changes and, with with a smile of delight lighting up his face, he thanks everybody and goes outside to take a look at his car and think of the part(s) he can purchase with that gift card.

“A WeatherTech gift card is the perfect holiday gift. With so many automotive accessories to choose from, from American-made laser-measured floor liners to no drill mud flaps or bumpstep excel, nothing protects like WeatherTech.” – the voiceover says at the end of the commercial, urging viewers to order their WeatherTech gift card today and wishing them Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from WeatherTech.

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