W.B. Mason Hon Furniture Commercial

The office products dealer W.B. Mason has launched a new commercial, promoting its Hon Now program, which gives you  beautiful, customizable Hon furniture, at a great price, fast.

The 30-second spot features a young woman at the office, looking to the camera, saying that her boss, who can be seen behind her, told her to order new furniture, last week, and now “he’s confused”. “What’s this?” – he asks her, amazed by what he sees. “It’s Hon furniture I ordered from W.B. Mason” – answers the woman. “This furniture is way too nice” – states her boss, willing to know if she paid a rush fee. Relieved to find out that she didn’t, the manager, who now learns about the Hon Now program (that ensures the delivery of quality furniture at a great price), shouts joyfully when he finds out also that all that nice furniture was under budget. Seeing that she keeps turning to the camera to say something, the man can’t help but ask her “Who are you talking to?”.

The ad ends with the voiceover saying that “Nobody delivers better than W.B. Mason”.

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